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Transitioning to Adult Services


As the parent or caregiver of a child who has medical complexities and special healthcare needs, you have been your child’s champion and advocate on his/her journey through the education system.

Now that your student is an adolescent, it is time to start thinking and planning for his/her future as he\she transitions from the education system into the adult world.

Our Transition Services
A team of professionals will help to develop a transition plan for program opportunities after graduation. The transition plan is based on individual needs and take into account preferences and interests. Consideration is given to long-range goals and specific objectives for employment, post-secondary training, education, independent living skills, and/or community involvement.
St. Vincent’s Special Needs Services Adult Day program located in Stratford is one option available to graduates.

Transitioning to Adult Services Information can be downloaded here by section:
Applications-Section 1
Applications-Section 2
Applications-Section 3
Applications-Section 4
Selective Service
Selecting an Adult Program
Adult Healthcare
Financial Planning
Important Numbers

The Family Center, at St Vincent’s Special Needs, is available to help with the process. If you have questions, concerns, need help contacting community providers, or completing applications, please contact us at 203-386-2743 and we will be happy to assist you.