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Aquatic Therapy

Early in 2014, we opened our aquatic therapy center. The pool, which is located, in the FEROLETO Children’s Development Center in Trumbull, is one-of-a-kind in the State of Connecticut and will allow us to significantly enhance our current therapies to meet the individual needs of the children and adults in our care.

Aquatic therapy uses the principles of buoyancy which makes exercise easier for individuals with disabilities. It provides benefits to the whole body and will help us teach new skills in water that will translate to land, improving balance, strength, head control and even breathing to encourage better communication.

The pool features an underwater treatmill, resistance jets, and a subfloor with holes that allows for individuals to be rolled into the water in a wheelchair and then lowered to the desired depth needed for each individual’s therapy, up to six feet. Aquatic therapy is offered to all students attending our school program during their program day.