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Children’s Residential Services

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In recent years, we have increasingly seen children with multiple and severe developmental disabilities as well as complex medical needs come under the care of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) because their biological families are not able to care for them. With not enough foster families being identified who are able to care for these children, they are being placed in out-of-state, institutional model, residential facilities. These placements disconnect them from any family and community ties that provided comfort and quality in their young lives.

In 2001, SVSNS began a partnership with DCF to develop group home environments specifically for those children who have developmental and/or medical needs that require 24/7 nursing services. We have specially designed residential placements for 12 children within our group home settings in Trumbull and Stratford.

Children living in our residential facilities are transported to and from the FEROLETO Children’s Development Center five days a week to receive their education and therapeutic services.

In their home lives, these children enjoy a schedule of typical recreational activities and community participation experiences appropriate to their individual interests, ages and health care needs and benefit from a home-like atmosphere lovingly created by skilled and caring nurses and direct care counselors.

For more information about Children’s Residential Services, please contact the Director of Nursing at (203) 386-2751.