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New Autism-Inspired Muppet Joins the Sesame Street Gang

There’s a new kid on the block named Julia, a 4-year-old red-haired muppet with autism, who makes her debut on Sesame Street on April 10, 2017. While no child with autism is typical, her behavior will make it easy for children with autism to identify with her. For children without autism, it is hoped that understanding and compassion will replace fear when they encounter a classmate whose behavior is different than what they expected. Her puppeteer is a mom who has a son on the autism spectrum. For her, seeing Julia on TV means that autistic children are important and no longer invisible. When Elmo and the other puppets like Julia and include her, it means that children like Julia can also make friends.
Julia, a Muppet with Autism Joins the Sesame Street Gang

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