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There Was Magic In The Air At The FEROLETO School This Week!


Sean, a student in our school program celebrated his 11th birthday with classmates on Thursday. Of course we love to celebrate all our students’ birthdays but this particular celebration had some extra special sweetness added.

Through a mutual friend, a young girl named Daniela heard about Sean and the challenges he has faced throughout his life. The story goes that when Daniela was only four years old, she raised her magic wand and made a wish that she could bake cakes for children when they are not feeling well. Daniela and her Mom have been making this wish come true for many children ever since.

Daniela contacted Sean’s family to ask if she could make him a birthday cake. During their conversation Kim, Sean’s mom, told her that their family recently went on vacation and Sean had a wonderful experience swimming dolphins. This resonated with Daniela as that has been a dream of hers. Daniela and her mom got to work recreating that experience with a beautiful dolphin cake and brought it to his school to share with his entire classroom.

Daniela is one very special little girl. The love and compassion she shares, one cake at a time, is truly inspiring. You can read more about Daniela on her Facebook page Daniela’s Little Wish


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